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embark [em-bahrk]

1. to board a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle, as for a journey.

2. to start an enterprise, business, etc.

3. begin a course of action, especially one that is important or demanding.

Besides death and taxes, one thing in life is certain: Change.

There’s the change we welcome: a fabulous vacation, for example. Then there’s sudden, sometimes traumatic change: The death of a loved one, a separation, loss of employment, or  realization of an inconvenient truth. 

These other types of change may plunge us into crisis, at the crossroads of despair, inertia, resentment.  Our paths lead in countless directions. While we acknowledge setbacks, we can choose hope, optimism and action. Embark tells stories of change, for better or worse, that often lead to transcendence. We also speak with thought leaders, innovators, artists and policymakers about what’s new, what’s next. 

Change is inevitable. How we respond to it determines whether we survive it, or thrive, despite or because of it. 

Ordinary people do extraordinary things every day. Embark invites you to people behind the stories. People whose passion, courage and willingness to embrace change make their lives – and ours –  richer and deeper. 

There’s a world of possibility out there. You’re a heartbeat closer to what’s next.

So, Andiamo! Let’s go there.
liz solar voice actor and creator of the embark podcast

about liz solar:

Liz Solar is a Boston-based voice actor, writer and presentation coach. She believes a little more conversation creates a kinder, more connected world. That stories are powerful and are meant to be shared.

When she’s not behind the mic, she curates the writers website Acts of Revision, as well as creates content for small to medium businesses. Fingers crossed, she’s in the final revision of her first novel. A few of her favorite things: her family, friends, aka ‘Glorious Broads’, yoga, hiking and the ocean. She lives in greater Boston with her husband and their office manager, Jessie, the Goldendoodle.