liz solar voiceovers

Frequently Asked Questions

What's voiceover and why do I need it?

Voice over, or VO, is the voice you hear offstage or off camera: On radio and TV commercials, in the airport, on the phone, how-two videos, audiobooks, games. The training modules HR sent you. VO is everywhere. Your business could probably use it. Just ask me.

Tell me the advantages of hiring a professional actor

Most businesses feature video and audio on their website and across media and platforms. Just as you want the highest quality video, the same goes for your audio. When you hire a professional voice actor, you get all the training, experience and versatility the voice talent brings to the project. Our main goal is to make you sound good.

What other clients have you worked for?

I’ve worked with thousands of clients, some for many years: Regional, national and global. From the local bank to the largest healthcare organizations, beloved non-profit organizations and media outlets, I can safely say been there, voiced that. Check out a partial list of my clients here.

How can I be sure of top audio quality?

My custom build studio is fully sound-treated, and equipped with several microphones, two different audio interfaces, and a variety of ways to record with you and other studios.

Where do you record? Do I have to book a studio?

If you are in the Greater Boston and a little beyond, I can meet you at the studio of your choice. My own studio is remote ready, so I can record your project and send you the audio regardless where you live on the planet.

I need a script and production team. Can you help me?

Lucky for you, I started my career as a broadcast copywriter, and continue to write content for commercial and industrial projects. Additionally, I work with talented sound designers and audio engineers to help deliver finished audio with excellent production values.

Can I direct the recording session?

Of course, you can. In fact, I love to collaborate with clients on live sessions. Tell me what works with your schedule, and we’ll book a session.

How long does it take to receive my audio files?

For smaller projects, you often get your audio within the day, if not within hours. Larger projects, like multi-module eLearning, or audiobooks take longer. We always work together to create a realistic timeline. My goal is to beat deadlines and exceed expectations.

What are your rates?

Rates are subject to the type of project, as well as its scope and usage. As much as possible I work within your budget, but I often refer clients to the GVAA Rate Guide, a helpful resource in pricing voice over projects in a variety of genres.

What's your availability, and how can I book you?

Call me anytime. Unless I’m in a session or meeting, I respond right away, often within 30 minutes. (Can you say that about your pizza delivery?). You can book me right away. Get in touch today. I can’t wait to meet you.