Anxiety: An Owner’s Manual – Managing Mental Health in Uncertain Times


Jon Mattleman is the Massachusetts clinical director of Minding Your Mind, an organization that provides mental health education to adolescents, teens, and the adults in their lives. With over 35 years as a therapist and presenter Jon grounds his work in delivering tools and techniques that can be implemented in real time to make meaningful change.  He holds a BA from Clark University, and an MS in counseling from the University of Hartford. In addition to his work with minding your mind, john continues with private practice to offer presentations, consultations and consulting services. We spoke last week. This is an excerpt from our conversation, which you can hear in its entirety on the Embark podcast. (more…)

Rock Your Brand. Change Your Brand.

Rock Your Brand founder Rachel Pintarelli believes the power of story and transparency of self are the true connectors in marketing. Her mission is to help small business owners be brave, and find their footing, delivering a message of who they are without apology: consistently, courageously and confidently. We spoke about how the events of the last seven months affected her decision to re-brand her business, as well as trends, and brand do’s and don’ts. You can hear the complete audio conversation with Rachel at

LS: So, how did you come to ‘Hey, I think I’ll do branding?” (more…)

In Search of a Cancer Vaccine

This excerpt comes from last week’s recorded interview with Keerthi Shetty, Senior Manager of Strategic initiatives at the Center for Personal Cancer Vaccines at Boston’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She talks about her team’s research and ground-breaking development off a vaccine for cancer. Listen to the complete audio conversation at

LS: Hi Keerthi.  Thanks for joining us today.  Tell us a about your work with Dana Farber.

KS:  I serve essentially as a program manager and liaison – the glue that interfaces with the scientists, the clinicians, regulatory people, legal folks, finance team, to make sure we’re all aligned in getting towards the goal of treating patients with these personal cancer vaccines. (more…)