Jack Monson is the Chief Revenue Officer at Social Joey and has been working with enterprises, multi-location brands, franchises, and small businesses in social media for over 12 years. He is also the host of the Social Geek Radio podcast. Jack lives on a small ranch far outside of Chicago with his wife, daughter, a few horses, and lots of vinyl records. On my Embark podcast, we spoke about the state of small business, broadcasting and post-Covid states of mind. Here’s a sample of our conversation.

LS: You’ve been around the country once or twice in the last year. What’s happening with franchises in the last year. Do they face the same challenges as one location, small businesses?

JM: The one constant for all small businesses whether part of a franchise system or stand-alone is staffing challenges. No one seems to be able to find enough workers.

LS: What’s been the greatest stumbling block to economic recovery? Do we have enough in the emotional, psychological and social tank to get up and running the way we hope to, as in pre-Covid levels?

JM: The only thing that will hinder recovery is the US Government. There are currently several pieces of legislation that are likely to pass that will hurt small business owners, franchises, and freelancers.

LS:  You come from a broadcasting background. Now, a shift to podcasting I get. How did you get into the franchise business?

JM: A dozen years ago I worked at an agency that had several franchise brand clients in the restaurant and retail space. I went to a few conferences and events and found my tribe!

LS: You advocate the use of social media to promote business and sell stuff. What’s the Roi on that, and how does a small business use social in sophisticated and savvy ways to get measurable results?

JM: There’s still no better place to advertise than Facebook and Instagram. Your cost per lead or cost per acquisition is far less than any other media and I don’t see that changing anytime in the next two years.

LS: You produced several podcasts. What’s next? Any subjects or areas of interest you want to explore?

JM: I am enjoying producing podcasts for other business leaders lately and helping others get their messages out.  I want to do more of that. Also, I am working on a new podcast for myself that is not business oriented, but music focused. It won’t be a a money maker, just a pure passion project!

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